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Here you will find our archive of ABC Newsletters.

You will no doubt be aware that we have been distributing our newsletters by post for a number of years. It is hoped that we'll have enough time to be able to maybe make our past issues available here. We will however be making our latest newsletter and all future distributions available here for you to download and/or print out at your leisure.

Please understand that we will continue to distribute our newsletters as we have done before, as well as within this archive.

Note for those of you who receive our newsletter by post

It would be greatly appreciated that if you are able to download your own newsletters from this archive, and you wish to help us save on printing and postage costs so that our limited funds can be directed where they are needed most, that you contact Susan and request that your name and address are taken from the postal distribution list.

Each newsletter that we send out through the post incurs the cost of postage as well as printing (not to mention the physical task of licking all those envelopes), and these together quickly make up a significant chunk of our expenditure. You are in a unique position to help us by letting us know that we can direct the printed copy that you would normally receive, be sent to those that are not fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of web technology.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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